Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday Eyes

Holiday parties are all about showing off your style, and while dressing up is a big part of the fun, nothing is quite as stunning as an on-trend statement eye. Whether you’re wearing a formal evening gown or a casual swing tunic, big, dramatic eyes look amazing with any outfit, but there’s one caveat. When your eye makeup is in the spotlight, even the tiniest imperfections can become glaringly Perfect Holiday Eye Makeup Tipsobvious. From erasing the signs of sleep deprivation to building better lashes, here’s what you need to know to pull off flawless holiday eyes from scratch:

1. Start using moisturizing eye cream. Even if no wrinkles are in sight, winter’s harsh winds and drying air call for a strong dose of daily hydration.

2. Master the art of applying liquid eyeliner. Inky and sharp, liquid liner is a far better choice for creating dramatic evening eyes than smudge-prone pencils. For foolproof application, move the brush in quick, short strokes instead of drawing a rigid straight line. If you still find your hand slipping, trade your brush for a more exact felt-tip liner.

3. Dare to wear a darker smoky eye. In a sea of holiday-inspired shimmer shadows, a strong smoky eye is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. To balance out the deeper tones, add a touch of bright white shadow to the inner corner of each eye.

4. Upgrade from falsies to eyelash extensions. Made up of soft, individually cut fibers that adhere to the natural lash line, semi-permanent eyelash extensions deliver thicker, fuller fringe that lasts for four to eight low-maintenance weeks.

5. Plump your lashes with primer before applying mascara. By building a thicker, smoother base, lash primer helps you get the most out of every coat, but if you’re wearing eyelash extensions, feel free to skip the prep. Because lash extensions are already big on length and volume, all you need for more drama is a single swipe of water-based mascara.

6. Tame your brows. Vibrant eye makeup pairs best with sleeker brows. To give your natural arches a more sophisticated shape, set them with a small amount of clear brow gel.

7. Keep dark circles at bay. Late nights are a fact of life during the festive holiday season. Instead of spending the next day hiding behind oversized sunglasses, fake a good night’s rest with cooling cucumber pads, brightening rollers and a generous serving of tone-correcting concealer.

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