Why Lash Extensions Are Perfect For Summer

Why Lash Extensions Are Perfect For Summer ALS AustinThe beautiful, warm summer days mean that we want to spend less time stuck inside getting ready and more time enjoying the outdoors. Simplifying your beauty routine to cut down on the time you spend preparing for your day is so easy to do with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Here are seven reasons to give eyelash extensions a try this summer.


Eyelash extensions draw positive attention to your eyes without the need for lots of makeup. In fact, many people find that they can skip the mascara and eyeliner completely when they have lush, full extensions.


Once you go through the initial application, you only have to come in for touch-ups about once every two to four weeks. These appointments typically last 30 minutes, so maintaining your new look doesn’t take a lot of time away from your summer fun.


Extensions can be worn in water after the first 24 hours. This initial period ensures that the adhesive that is applied to the extensions has time to properly set. Once you get through the first 24 hours, feel free to spend your day at the beach or pool. Just take care to rinse your eye area after you get out of the water to keep salt or chlorine from causing damage.


The fact that you can forgo the mascara when you are wearing eyelash extensions means that you no longer have to worry about smeared makeup in the summer weather. The heat and humidity can cause eye makeup to run, and eyelash extensions eliminate this issue while ensuring that you still look great.


Losing the heavy eye makeup by opting for eyelash extensions instead lets you feel lighter in the heat of summer. Wearing full makeup during the summer can feel uncomfortable when you are outdoors, so choosing to go with extensions keeps you feeling cooler and less bogged down.


Eyelash extensions help you stand out from the crowd at summer parties and picnics. You can expect to get plenty of compliments and questions about your new look, so be prepared to explain how extensions work.


If you decide that eyelash extensions aren’t for you, it’s easy to have them removed. All you have to do is make an appointment at the same place that you had them applied in the first place. A professional is able to safely remove the adhesive when you want to go back to your natural look.


If you’re looking for a way to shorten the time you spend on your beauty routine, eyelash extensions could be the answer you’re looking for. They are easy to get, easy to care for, and look absolutely amazing!

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