What’s Hot in Spring Fashion and Beauty?

What's hot in spring fashion and beauty?Just as you begin to weary of winter weather and the fashions that accompany it, along come the hottest trends in spring fashion and beauty. From braids, twists and ponytails — with swaths of blue eye shadow and vivid lips thrown in for good measure — to fabulous pleated creations and piles of ruffles, sophisticated femininity with a playful touch reigns this season. Providing you a sneak peek at the trendiest items, here are our picks for spring:

Blue Eye Shadow
Yes, the 70s live again. In a resurgence of that favorite yesteryear hue, splashes of bright blue as well as soft pastel shades are commanding attention in eyeshadows.

Vibrant Mouths
Red lips are a classic that fashionistas love. This spring, that striking color is joined by equally stunning hues of orange, pink and even oxblood. To keep it au courant, let it be the star of your make-up look, accompanied by little other make-up.

Eyelash Extensions
Lush, sexy eyelashes are always in style. For this season, check out the variety of semi-permanent eyelash extension styles that enhance your natural lashes, adding luscious length and thickness while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

Twists and Braids
Simple hairstyles take center stage this spring, with ponytails and buns being just the beginning. Braided styles, from French braids to cornrows, along with the even simpler variation of twists, are adding flair to looks that highlight your face.

Haltered, Off-the-Shoulder Tops
Beautifully combining two great designs, spring’s off-the-shoulder tops with halter straps ooze sexiness in the most refined way.

Ruffles Abounding
Reprising a 2015 look that clearly has staying power, ruffles abound on tops, dresses and skirt hems this spring, injecting an irresistibly delightful note of femininity into the season.

Knife Pleats
Softly flowing down the length of maxi dresses, creating a new silhouette for midi skirts or turning pants into gorgeous nighttime looks, smaller knife pleats are the look to have this spring.

White Shirts
In a myriad of styles and lengths, the white shirt proves that there can never be too much of this good thing. From the simplicity of button-down shirts to asymmetrical designs with ruffles or pleats, your spring wardrobe is not complete without a white shirt.

Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of Barton Creek Square Mall and Lakeland Mall, the eclectic vibe of SoCo or something in between, go ahead and sample a bit of spring now by adding a few of these chic spring trends to your fashion and beauty wardrobe.

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