Twelve Easy Ways To Supercharge Your Fall Beauty Routine

Twelve Easy Ways To Supercharge Your Fall Beauty Routine Amazing Lash Studio Austin
Autumn means fall colors, hot cinnamon spice latte and warm apple pie with ice cream. It also means it’s time to upgrade your fall beauty routine for the cooler weather ahead. Whether it’s a trendy new haircut, a pile of fresh accessories or rethinking your makeup, these 12 beauty tips will launch you into autumn with a bang.

1.  Use A Moisturizing Sunblock

The cooler temps may be refreshing, but they can draw moisture out of your skin. Guard against dryness with a moisturizing sunblock under your makeup. It will keep your complexion looking dewy and protect it from those damaging UVA and UVB rays.

2.  Switch To A Lighter Foundation

Most women need a darker foundation in summer because of the sun. When fall rolls around and your skin gets lighter, a lighter shade of base is in order.

3.  Rock A Pony Tail

Sleek pony tails were big on the fall fashion runways this year. Whether you opt for a classic low pony, a one-sided pony or a flirty high pony, you’ll look instantly pulled together. Hair too short for a pony? No worries. A fake pony works just as well.

4.  Cut Some Bangs

Bangs have been fashionable for the last three years, and they’re still going strong. Adding a long fringe is a super simple way to change up your look with very little risk. If you don’t like the bangs, they’ll be all grown out within a few months.

5.  Try A Deep Side Part

If you’re not a bang girl, we understand. Style your hair with a deep side part for a dramatic and sophisticated look that requires no cutting.

6.  Experiment With Red Lips

Red lips are hot right now, but it doesn’t mean that Bright Cherry Red is your only option. You can rock red lips with everything from an understated red lip gloss to a full-out crimson pout.

7.  Have Fun With Washable Hair Color

Temporary wash-out hair color can give you instant pizzazz with no commitment. Pink streaks are very much in vogue right now, but there are plenty of other shades to choose from.

8.  Buy A Pile Of Scarves

Scarves are a ridiculously easy way to make all your outfits look new. Scarves come in tons of fabrics, colors, prints and textures. They can make even a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt look classy.

9.  Invest In Everyday Hats

Knit fall hats will take you safely through all bad hair days and keep you warm in the bargain. Even better, a few cute hats will give last year’s outfits new zip and zing.

10.  Get Boots For All Occasions

When the weather turns chilly, nothing says stylish like great-looking boots over leggings and skinny pants. Boots can be expensive, but shopping sales can save you a lot.

11.  Invest In An Expensive Carryall

Smaller purses have a certain charm, but in real life, they just don’t cut it. Find a roomy, high-quality bag and let it be the repository for everything you cannot bear to be without.

12.  Try Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can give you fuss-free smoky eyes and lush lashes for up to six weeks. Dash to an Amazing Lash Studio in Austin and see for yourself. With eyelash extensions, you can basically eliminate eye makeup from your daily makeup routine, but if you want some special-occasion drama, a smidgen of eye shadow will intensify the look.

For all you sun worshipers out there, don’t let the end of summer get you down. Instead, treat yourself to some fun fall beauty and fashion goodies, and you’ll enjoy the cooler weather a whole lot more.

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