Thinning Eyelashes? Get Practical Solutions for Longer Lashes

Thinning Eyelashes? Get Practical Solutions for Longer Lashes ALS AustinThinning eyelashes can be frustrating, and the problem can have a great impact on your self-esteem. A variety of factors determines the thickness and health of your natural lashes. Your lashes have a natural growth cycle, so it’s normal for a few to fall out. These will be replaced by new lashes. If your lashes are disappearing more quickly than they should, one or more of the following causes may be to blame.  

Common Causes of Eyelash Thinning  

  • Improper care or trauma is the most common cause of premature eyelash loss. Scrubbing or rubbing lashes while removing makeup or pulling at lashes during the day can result in gradual thinning of lashes.


  • Some medical conditions cause eyelash thinning. If you have a condition you think may be responsible, check with your doctor.


  • Drug interactions that cause hair loss may also cause lash thinning. Chemotherapy drugs may cause most or all lashes to fall out, but they will grow back after treatment is completed.


  • As you age, your hair follicles gradually die; this type of eyelash thinning is minor and easily disguised with cosmetics.


Get Your Gorgeous Lashes Back  

Depending on the cause of your eyelash thinning, there are a variety of ways to make them look fuller or even help them grow.  

  • First, see your doctor to rule out any medical causes for the condition.


  • Treat your lashes gently. Avoid rubbing your eyes and remove eye makeup carefully using mineral oil and a cotton ball.


  • Lash-Enhancing serums are available in drug and department stores. They contain a prostaglandin-like compound that can promote fuller lash growth.


Try Eyelash Extensions

If getting your natural lashes to grow longer or thicker isn’t an option or you are noticing thinning lashes, consider semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Individual lash extensions can be applied by a technician in a relaxing setting. They are placed one by one using a safe adhesive.   Lash extensions can restore the look of your natural lashes, or create dramatic new looks. They allow you to enjoy normal activities including swimming and wearing contact lenses, and they last for several weeks before touch-ups are needed. Getting lash extensions is a fail-proof solution that allows you to enjoy long luscious lashes! Schedule your appointment today at Amazing Lash Studio Austin.

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