Looking Gorgeous in Glasses.

Looking Gorgeous in GlassesDon’t Hide Those Peepers—Highlight Them!
When you wear glasses, it’s easy to feel as if you’re disappearing behind your frames—and there’s a good reason why. Glasses can create an optical illusion of sorts, causing your eyes to fade into the background. This is why it’s crucial to wear cosmetics that will enhance your features, complementing your choice of specs. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep those eyes looking gorgeous—even when you’re wearing your glasses.

Let the Color of Your Frames Guide Your Choice of Eyeliner
The rule of thumb is to use an eyeliner that’s a shade or two lighter than your frames. The thicker your frames are, the thicker the eyeliner should be. This ensures that the focus stays on your eyes. With black frames, any eyeliner color will work. If your glasses aren’t solid black, however, try a dark bronze or smoky quartz shade. For tortoise-shell frames, choose one of the many colors swirled into the frame of your glasses; this will make your eye makeup appear softer. Keep the colored liner tight to your lash line, even if you’re doing a cat eye. This will cause your eye color to truly pop, accenting your best features instead of distracting from them.

Pro Tips for Your Skin
Use a tinted moisturizer to hide those irritating red marks that glasses leave on your nose. Banish unwanted, uneven redness from the start, applying BB cream and BB foundation all over your face. This will create a polished look that allows your eyes to take center stage. Keep the focus on trouble spots, such as the area around your nose. This will ward off any future redness that may occur.

Lay Low with the Eyeshadow
When it comes to eyeshadow, lighter and neutral colors on the lid are always a good idea. Dark shades tend to amplify dark undertones around the eyes, causing your peepers to look tired and swollen. Keep it to the bare minimum with eyeshadow, especially in the brow bone area. In addition to neutral shades, shimmer eyeshadow is also flattering and won’t appear heavy on the eye. For a look that’s captivating without being overpowering, you can apply it by using a shimmery accent right in the middle of the lid and then a highlighter on the brow bone.

Lighten Up
Your lenses can actually wreak havoc with optical illusions, magnifying the circles under your eyes and actually making them appear more prominent. To combat this, consider an under-eye brightening concealer. For a perkier, refreshed look, tap it on underneath your eyes with a dusting of setting powder on top.

Shape Those Brows
Although your glasses may hide them, it’s equally important to tend to your eyebrows. Because they frame your face, any look will be incomplete if you have messy brows. Match the size and style of your glasses to your brow shape. If you are wearing glasses with a bold frame, you’ll want your brows to be more thin and shapely. When wearing smaller frames, fill in your brows with a natural color that can help attract attention to your eyes.

Get Lash Extensions
Mascara and glasses don’t always mix well, which is why many women opt for eyelash extensions. This helps them to avoid unsightly flaking, smudging and other inconvenient eye issues. Long, beautiful lashes can truly open up your eyes, making them look more gorgeous than ever. Think of your eyelashes as visors or awnings for the eyes; by wearing extensions, you can make your eyes look bigger and brighter than ever.

There’s nothing more alluring than a woman in glasses, but you’ll have to pay special attention to your eye ares in order to amp up the glamour. The faster you schedule your appointment at Amazing Lash Studio Austin, the quicker you can glam up those beautiful eyes—even with a busy schedule!

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