“look  fabulous on your date in Austin”It’s almost time for your first date with someone new. It’s definitely exciting, but it might be stressful as well. Think of all the things you have to decide. What do you wear? If you arrive a few minutes late, will that seem fashionable or inconsiderate?

Of course, on any date, you always want to be yourself. On the first date, though, you want to be yourself in the most flattering light possible. Show off all those qualities that you’re rightly proud of. Meanwhile, if there’s some aspect of yourself that you’re not so enthusiastic about, you’ll probably want to emphasize it less.

When choosing your wardrobe, you want to feel comfortable above all. You can’t fully enjoy a witty conversation or get lost in your date’s eyes if something feels itchy or too tight. The following tips should help you to bring out your face’s innate beauty and charm.


When your hair is half-up, you may get stares in every room you enter. You and your companion are sure to feel sensational then. To achieve this classic look, all you need to do is apply volumizing spray to your hair when it’s wet. Next, tousle your hair dry before you set it.


Here’s a winning combination: pink lipstick and soft pink blush whenever you have a morning or afternoon get-together with that special someone. You can enhance your divine pinkness with lip balm for shiny lips as well as a little rosy cream blush on your lips and cheeks.

Pink works equally well after the sun goes down, but you might want to add a little sophistication to the overall effect. How? Just apply black eyeliner and a double coating of mascara to your upper lashes and some shimmer powder to the corners of your eyes and eyelids. You’ll feel like a movie star in an instant.


Long, thick, luscious eyelashes are irresistible. What’s more alluring than batting them all night long? Better yet, they’re surprisingly easy to obtain. You just need some high-quality lash extensions.

Extensions look and feel much better than thick mascara layers or strip lashes. That’s because they don’t clump or peel, and they’re not heavy or clumsy. They simply allow your eyes to glow and sparkle, especially if you add shadow that shimmers just a little. They are easy to maintain too.

Finally, you can call Amazing Lash Studio at any time to schedule an appointment. We’ll make you even more glamorous than usual, and your date will have a hard time looking away from you for even a second.

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