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How semi-permanent eyelash extensions make your eyes pop

Getting glamorous, youthful lashes is easy with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Yes, it’s true, your eyes say a lot about you. They can make a dramatic statement about your mood and personality, and they’re a huge factor when it comes to first impressions. Expressive, alluring eyes give you more power to capture the attention of people you find attractive. They can make you stand out in a crowd. One of the most noticeable and effective elements of captivating eyes is long, lush lashes. Not everyone is born with them, but this isn’t a problem. When you want to change your appearance, lash extensions can provide the instant wow factor you’re missing.

Natural-Looking Enhancement

Unlike the obviously fake, do-it-yourself strips of false eyelashes from the past, eyelash extensions are applied by trained professionals who place them one lash at a time. The individual extensions blend in with your own lashes to create a stunning but completely natural look. A variety of styles and lengths are available.


Think about it, every morning, you’ll wake up with the same gorgeous lashes; no effort on your part is required. You won’t need mascara, but to accentuate your new lashes, and get the most from your makeover, choose eye shadow and eyeliner colors that match your skin tone. You may even choose to skip the makeup. Your new full lashes will make you look stunning even without it. Once you see yourself with lash extensions, you’ll fully understand why your eyes are such an important part of your overall appearance.


A Relaxing Appointment at Your Favorite Amazing Lash Studio

The eyelash extension application process is pain-free and relaxing. You’ll lie on a table with your eyes closed throughout the process. Your technician applies a safe, non-irritating adhesive that bonds each extension to one of your natural eyelashes. The extensions are placed about one millimeter away from your lash line, so the adhesive does not come into contact with the skin of your eyelid. Extensions do not affect the health of your natural lashes. After 48 hours, you can wear contact lenses, swim, shower and follow your normal routine. Your semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last for several weeks with minimal care.

Women across the country and around the world are getting amazing, vibrant eyes with lash extensions. Don’t miss your opportunity to look and feel your best. Schedule an appointment at Amazing Lash Studios today to get elegant, luxurious lashes, and let your eyes make a bigger statement about who you are.


















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