Five Excellent Ways to Achieve the Look of Youthful Eyes

middle ageNo matter how you might fight it, another birthday is lurking right around the corner to age you another year. You can’t stop the passage of time, but there’s a lot that you can do to keep your eyes looking fresh and youthful. Here at our Amazing Lash Studio in Austin, Texas, we’ve put together our favorite techniques that address the issue of aging eyes and work to keep you looking fabulous.

1. Banish Those Raccoon Eyes

One of the major signs of aging is the presence of dark circles beneath your eyes. You can try to get more sleep, and you might have a drawer full of miracle products that promise to remove under-eye circles, but none of that really helps. What does work is a creamy concealer with yellow undertones that won’t gunk up and matches the color of your skin well. That bit of yellow in the concealer serves to completely neutralize the darkness under your eyes, and it will appear that the dark circles have been eliminated.

2. Minimize the Appearance of Crow’s Feet

Concealer can also come to the rescue for this common problem. Those with fair skin will see excellent results with a concealer in pink or beige tones, and those with medium or olive skin should use a peach or ocher concealer. As always, it’s important to match the concealer with your skin color for a cover that looks completely natural.

3. Enhance Your Eyebrows

If your eyebrows have become a bit patchy over time, then you’ll find an easy fix with the help of an eyebrow pencil to give the appearance of fullness. Choosing a shade that is just slightly lighter than the color of your hair will usually provide the best results.

4. Eyes Wide Open

You can’t stop the aging process from causing your eyelids to droop, but a bit of contouring can give you the look of wider, younger eyes. You’ll want to choose a powder shadow that matches the color of your eyebrows, and blending it lightly just above the crease of your eyelid will give you the desired effect.

5. Have Our Amazing Eyelash Extensions Applied

You won’t have to worry about the aging process thinning out your eyelashes when you choose our lash extensions. You’ll immediately enjoy lashes that are fuller and longer without the need for mascara, and these lashes look wonderfully natural. They also make your eyes look bigger and more open, and the lashes work perfectly to completely hide any wrinkles that may have developed on your eyelids.

Make Your Appointment Today

Here at our Amazing Lash Studio in Austin, we offer four excellent lash styles. You may choose from looks that include cute, natural, sexy and gorgeous, and you’ll truly be amazed at how natural and gorgeous that your eyes will look. Contact us today to reserve your preferred appointment time, and you’ll also have the opportunity to join our membership program that entitles you to receive lower-priced refills, discounts on a variety of services and 10 percent off many of our beauty products.

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