Eyelash Extensions: Not Just for Special Occasions Anymore

Eyelash Extensions: Not Just for Special Occasions Anymore ALS AustinEyelash extensions for special occasions like weddings and parties are a great idea when we  think about investing in glamorous beauty treatments, and thanks to the growing popularity of eyelash extensions, we no longer have to feel guilty about spoiling ourselves right now. Bridging the divide between temporary makeup and permanent cosmetic surgery, eyelash extensions offer a new option for those of us who want to look beautiful naturally, and while they can take some time upfront, maintenance touch-ups are done more quickly.

Why Women Everywhere Are Loving Eyelash Extensions

From our friends at work to celebrities on the red carpet, it seems like every beautiful woman we see is wearing – and raving about – eyelash extensions. What makes them so great? For one, the appeal of thick, luscious lashes is universal. After all, it’s what keeps mascara makers in business. Speaking of mascara, another reason for splurging on extensions is being able to skip the mandatory morning coat. Because they fill the gaps in the natural lash line, eyelash extensions take the place of thickening mascara, making it entirely optional. For many of us, having the freedom to leave our house without eye makeup is a big perk.

Are There Any Downsides?

For most women, the worst thing about getting eyelash extensions is that they don’t last forever. After seeing how they instantly make our eyes look years younger and flatter our faces, it’s tough to say no to touch-up appointments. For some of us, maintaining eyelash extensions can be a little addictive.

Without touch-ups, extensions last about four to six weeks, which could be a good thing or bad thing depending on what you’re looking to get out of them.

Taking Care of Your First Eyelash Extensions

If you’re thinking about trying the trend, there are a few things you need to know to make the most out of your first application. Although semi-permanent extensions are designed to last, they can be a little fragile immediately after your appointment.

To prevent fallout, sleep on your back and avoid wearing makeup or washing eyes for the first 24 hours. Then feel free to return to your normal beauty routine with one exception. Because oil can damage the glue that keeps extensions attached to the lash line, switch your oil-based cleansers and mascaras for gentler water-based formulas.

With all the benefits and ease of the process, why not go get those eyelash extensions for the special occasions on your calendar this year? Come in today to book your appointment atAmazing Lash Studio Austin.



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