Easy Makeup Tips For Cheerleaders

Easy Makeup Tips For Cheerleaders Amazing Lash Studio Austin
Cheerleading is one of the hottest sports around, and while talent and training matter most, it’s not all about acing those tricky flips and splits. When cheer teams from all over the country are your competition, you want your team to look as amazing as your routine. Practiced by cheerleading pros who know a thing or two about winning trophies, the tips below are sure to make you and your girls stand out from the crowd.

Wear Sunscreen
When you’re competing outdoors, a high-SPF sunscreen is a must for protecting your skin from the harmful reach of UV light. As a bonus benefit, sunscreen can also double as primer by smoothing out your makeup and keeping it in place through every jump and tumble.

Don’t Weigh Down Your Complexion with Foundation
Foundation is far too heavy for fast-moving sports like cheerleading. For sweat-proof coverage and lightweight feel, stick with tinted moisturizers and lightweight mineral powders.

Treat Your Team to Eyelash Extensions
Mascara is messy, and with all eyes on you and your teammates, you can’t risk any smudging. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions feel just like the real thing and look better than the priciest mascara on the market. Your lashes will look amazing!

Go Bronze
Radiant, golden-brown skin makes the ideal accessory for cheer uniforms, but now that we know all about the dangers of tanning beds, the traditional precompetition trip to the tanning salon is out of the question. For safer color, reach for self-tanning lotion instead. If you’re worried about uneven coverage or going too dark, use a gradual formula. Because they deposit a tiny amount of color at a time, gradual tanners are much easier to control than instant bronzers and spray tans.

Put Down the Gel Liner
Eye pencils may not be as pigmented as gels, but they have far more staying power. For a more dramatic eye look, layer on a bright shadow color with built-in shimmer.

Make the Switch From Body Glitter to Powder
Chunky body glitter used to be the favorite go-to for cheerleaders everywhere, but there’s now an easier way to get your sparkle fix. Packed in compacts, the new translucent powders, illuminators and highlighters deliver a subtler, more natural glow. To minimize fallout, dust them on from head to toe just before your turn on the stage.

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