Do’s And Don’ts Of Caring For Your New Lash Extensions

Do's And Don'ts Of Caring For Your New Lash Extensions ALS AustinAfter you just had your new lash extensions put on, your main goal is caring for lash extensions so they last, and following a few simple rules will ensure your lashes look their best.

What To Do
Keep them dry for the first 24 hours. If you wash your face, use a damp wash cloth only on areas not surrounding your eyes. Try to avoid any sad movies and crying as well.

You may still use your lash curler, but make sure the heat setting is very low. Mascara can be used, but it should only be applied at the tips and should not be waterproof. When you remove it, use an oil-free remover.

After your first 24 hours are up, you can swim if you want, but be sure to rinse the lashes fresh water. This keeps the adhesive from wearing out too quickly.

What Not To Do
Avoid rubbing your eyes in order to keep lashes secure. and avoid excessive heat whether in the kitchen or the spa as heat can damage lash extensions quickly.

Do not use oil-based mascaras, makeup or eye cream near your eyes. This will ruin the glue that keeps them in. Also, check your beauty products to make sure they do not have solvents, which will also ruin the lash glue.

Cotton pads and cotton balls are commonly used for removing eye makeup, but these will leave fibers in your lashes. The extensions will attract lint after that and leave your lashes full of debris, so always avoid cotton and opt for a damp washcloth. Never pull on your lashes, because this can make the natural stands fall out faster.

After your lash extensions are applied, it is helpful to buy an aftercare kit to make caring for lash extensions easy. These kits vary, but they usually include makeup remover, conditioner and a few other useful products to use on your lashes. By following these tips, your lash extensions will look great until your next visit at Amazing Lash Studio Austin!

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