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Quick, No-Fuss Vacation Makeup Ideas Everyone loves to look good on their vacation. But you don’t want to spend a lot of time in getting ready. Here are six easy, fail-proof ways to look brighter and sultrier in no time at all. Make your skin glow. If you’ve been spending a lot of time in […]
Seven Tips for Swimming with Lash Extensions
We don’t have a minute to waste when our bikinis are calling, so with summer officially back on the calendar, we need our beauty routines to be downsized. Now, thanks to semi-permanent eyelash extensions, we don’t have to choose between time for beauty and heading to the beach. Eyelash extensions build flawless lashes that last […]
Eyelash Extensions: Not Just for Special Occasions Anymore
Eyelash extensions for special occasions like weddings and parties are a great idea when we  think about investing in glamorous beauty treatments, and thanks to the growing popularity of eyelash extensions, we no longer have to feel guilty about spoiling ourselves right now. Bridging the divide between temporary makeup and permanent cosmetic surgery, eyelash extensions […]
Reap the Benefits of Gorgeous Individual Lash Extensions
You see them on Hollywood starlets and top musicians and they give models glamorous looks worthy of magazine covers. Long, lush eyelashes define youth, beauty and elegance. If you think eyelash extensions are just for the red carpet, you’re wrong. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re now available to everyone. Why shouldn’t you have gorgeous […]
Do’s And Don’ts Of Caring For Your
New Lash Extensions
After you just had your new lash extensions put on, your main goal is caring for lash extensions so they last, and following a few simple rules will ensure your lashes look their best. What To Do Keep them dry for the first 24 hours. If you wash your face, use a damp wash cloth […]