The Best Eyelash Extensions in Austin

Best eyelash extensions in AustinSome women have amazing eyes, and everyone is always commenting about their fabulous eye makeup. Rain or shine, they look like they’ve just completed a photo shoot. These women have eyelashes that are so dark, long and thick that we wonder how they do it. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to pile on a ton of cosmetics to even approximate the same effect. If you are jealous of these women, don’t be. Instead, come to Amazing Lash Studio and get the best eyelash extensions in Austin — say hello to your own fabulous lashes.

Natural Is Not Always Better

Some of us have thin, skimpy, light-colored eyelashes. Without eye makeup, our lashes simply disappear from sight. Not only that, even multiple coats of thick mascara finished off with an eyelash curler fail to make our eyes pop. Instead, we have to add tons of eyeshadow in multiple colors, followed by eyeliner on the upper and lower lids. This takes time, and it’s a daily ritual. Eyelash extensions can change all that, but can you use mascara with eyelash extensions? Of course you can but you won’t need to!

Eyelash Extensions: The Modern Solution For Skimpy Lashes

Lash extensions are entirely different than those fake eyelash strips you buy in a drugstore. It’s bad enough that fake drugstore lashes cause rippled eyelids, but it’s even worse when they come unglued in certain spots. There is nothing worse than trying to flirt while your eyelashes are falling off, and don’t even try to sleep with them because it’s downright scary when you wake up in the morning. Eyelash extensions don’t come with these problems. In fact, they come with no problems at all.

Why Lash Extensions Rock

Natural eyelash extensions are attached, lash by lash, to your own lashes by a trained professional. The process takes a few hours, but it’s a great time to meditate, daydream or take a nap. The extensions will be longer and fuller than your own lashes, and they basically eliminate the need for mascara and eyelash curling. Of course, the question is, can you use mascara on eyelash extensions? You can but you may want to just use shadow and liner, but you’ll probably find that the extensions are so dramatic, you won’t need anything else. In fact, wearing eye makeup with lash extensions can actually be a bit too much. Imagine having amazing eyes without having to lift a finger!

Lash extensions look absolutely natural, and they’re carefree, too. A quick daily comb-through and periodic touch-ups will keep them looking lovely 24/7. Properly cared for, extensions can last for up to three months.

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