Advice from Austin Wedding Makeup Artists

advice-from-wedding-makeup-artistsYou want every part of your wedding to be perfect, so your dream dress must be complemented by flawless makeup. Remember, you’ll want to fondly look back at pictures from your big day and admire your glowing complexion. To create a natural and beautiful appearance, here are some useful tips from experienced Austin wedding makeup artists.

Prime Your Face

The first step of any makeup routine is applying primer. Just like wall primer, this product is the foundation for other makeup layers. Do not forget to prime your eyelids. This will prevent shadow from melting into the creases.

Forget the Fake Tan

Many brides want to look tan on their wedding days. To avoid sun damage, many women apply self-tanning products. However, these items tend to leave skin looking a fake orange color. A smarter alternative is a spray tan. Experts will select the perfect shade and make sure it provides a natural glow.

Mascara Musts

If you must wear mascara, it is crucial to use a waterproof formula. You do not want to look like a racoon after tears of joy flow down your face. A more convenient alternative is professional eyelash extensions. These items are much more realistic than the glue-on eyelashes available on drugstore shelves. They come in a variety of colors and textures so that they blend perfectly with your natural hair and do not require any mascara. The end results are quite glamorous and are ideal for your wedding day.

Keep It Natural

There is nothing worse than applying too much makeup and looking like a clown on your wedding day. For a classic and elegant finish, especially in warm climates, it is best to choose a natural color palette. A nude lip shade and highlighted cheeks create a sun-kissed and polished appearance. This is especially smart if you do not normally wear much makeup during your regular everyday activities.

Lock Lipstick in Place

On your wedding day, there will be a great deal of kissing. This means you must learn how to keep your lipstick in place. The first step involves exfoliating with Vaseline. Then, lip liner is used to fill the lips and lock the color in place. Your lipstick can be applied as the final layer.

When your big day arrives, you want to look perfect. The above tips ensure that any Austin bride will stay looking beautiful all day. For additional advice, consult with a professional makeup artist, such as Makenzi Laine or Ashleigh Grounds.

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