7 Great Reasons to Get Your Eyelash Extensions in Austin

7 Great Reasons to Get Your Eyelash Extensions in AustinDreaming about beautiful lashes? Here are 7 great reasons to get your eyelash extensions! You’ve been coveting those gorgeous lashes sported by celebrities for a long time and you wonder how to get thicker longer lashes. You know you’ve always wanted to try eyelash extensions, but something has always held you back. Maybe you’ve wanted to wait for a special occasion or other reason to splurge on yourself.

If you’ve waiting on someone to give you permission, here it is: You deserve gorgeous lashes, and the time to get them is now. Here are seven reasons why you should take the plunge and get lash extensions today:

1. You can say goodbye to raccoon eyes. If you’ve ever fallen asleep in your mascara, you know all too well the horror that you’ll meet in the mirror the next morning. Lash extensions let you have long, luscious lashes you can sleep in without worry.

2. You’ll roll out of bed looking gorgeous. You can cut down your morning routine by not needing to spend any time applying mascara, curling your lashes or applying tedious false lashes. Less time spent on beauty means more time for your beauty rest.

3. You’ll look like yourself, only better. Lash extensions are subtle but dramatic. They have a more natural look than any other lash treatment and will leave people noticing how stunning you are without quite putting a finger on what’s different.

4. They’ll last through a long weekend getaway. If you’re heading out for a romantic weekend with your beau or attending a wedding out of town, you want to spend your time having fun rather than tending to fussy makeup. Getting extensions before you leave means you’ll have great lashes the whole time without worrying about upkeep.

5. You’ll look younger. As you age, your lashes naturally thin out, which can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Filling in the gaps with extensions will make your eyes seem larger and turn back the clock on aging.

6. You’ll be done within an hour. The procedure is simple, painless and you can practically sleep through it. Enjoy an hour or so of pampering and leave the salon as a brand-new you.

7. The power is in your hands. You have control over the length and volume of your lashes, and you can change your look every time you get your lashes filled. After the initial investment, keeping up with your new lash upkeep is easy and affordable, and you have the power to build your signature look.

You know how to get thicker longer lashes, but if you’ve been reluctant to try out lash extensions before, don’t be afraid. The benefits of gorgeous, low-upkeep, durable lashes are well worth the price!

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